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Why I’m Shutting My Yoga School

Yesterday I began the process of shutting down a five year labor of love, my yoga teacher training school…..Teaching people how to teach yoga has been the most gratifying and confronting work I have done as a teacher as it demands a much greater level of intimacy and connection with the students and a much higher level of accountability on the part of the teacher….

The Tyranny of Style, The Freedom of Inquiry

There is one question that has always challenged me as a teacher of yoga, and that question is “what style do you teach?” It is an innocent enough question for people to ask, I get that, but I have always found it a challenge to answer and it always seems like a test I am bound to fail….

The Value of Studentship

I feel very fortunate that when I began my journey as a yoga student my teachers were quite traditional and laid out clear guidelines for me on how I was expected to act in a class, in the shared space of the studio, and in relationship to my personal practice. These teachings were given to me in order to maximize my ability to learn, as well as to support the learning environment for others, and if hadn’t receive them early on I may not be the student and teacher I am today….