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An inspired approach to yoga and life.

Blood Moon: Menses Wisdom for Yoginis

This post is for every woman but I wrote it with my women friends who practice and teach yoga in mind. It represents some of my observations and practices in supporting my own menstrual health and honouring the sacred wisdom of my cycles….

To Plan, Or Not to Plan: Preparing to Teach

My primary creative focus this last week has been to prepare my classes for Wanderlust, which will begin in just a few days. This process of setting intentions, pulling together threads of inspiration, and creating a structure which can hold it all is a fascinating process to me and one that I often get asked about so I thought I would share some of my thoughts here….

Why I’m Shutting My Yoga School

Yesterday I began the process of shutting down a five year labor of love, my yoga teacher training school…..Teaching people how to teach yoga has been the most gratifying and confronting work I have done as a teacher as it demands a much greater level of intimacy and connection with the students and a much higher level of accountability on the part of the teacher….